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Foy WH Ch. 17 Test

What group conquered Gaul in the 480’s? Franks
You are a brave knight who has chosen to support your lord in exchange for land. What is your relationship with your lord now? You are the lord’s vassal now.
What did the pope do to try to convert others to Christianity in Europe? He sent missionaries to spread Christianity.
What happened after the fall of the Roman empire? Groups moved into Europe and divided the lands among themselves.
What group created feudalism? Franks
What are some facts about monks? Monks were religious men who lived apart from society. Monks were very dedicated to their faith. Monks spent most of their time in prayer, work, and meditation.
What marked the beginning of the Middle Ages? the creation of kingdoms
What did serfs have to do in exchange for the lord giving them land? They had to pay taxes to the lord and they had to work the land and produce what the manor needed.
What are some facts about vassals? Vassals gave their lords food or shelter whenever they came to visit. Vassals gave money to their lords on special occasions. Vassals served their lords in time of war.
Where were communities of monks, or monasteries, located? all over Europe
What were some services of monks? give aid to poor and needy, collect writings and serve as scribes, run schools and copy books
What new technology in the Middle Ages allowed farmers to be more productive? plow and horse collar
What problem did the manor system take care of? Knights didn’t have time to farm their land and poor people needed a way to grow food.
What are some facts about lords? Lords sent help to vassals if they were attacked. Lords built castles to defend themselves against attack. If a lord failed to do what he was supposed to, the vassal could break all ties with him.
What was the relationship between nobles and knights? Nobles gave land to knights, who in return fought to protect the noble.
What was the most powerful force that helped spread Christianity? the pope
How was a manor land divided up between the lord and serfs? 1/2 to 1/3 for lords, 1/2 to 2/3 for serfs
Many rivers are in this region, which had access to the sea and provided protection from invaders. Northern Europe
There are many peninsulas in this region, so people didn’t live far from the sea. Southern Europe
Climate is mild and cooler; wetter with more rain Northern Europe
Climate is warm and sunny; drier with less rain Southern Europe
The lack of mountains in this region was good for farming, but it made the towns easier to be invaded by enemies. Northern Europe
Climate is freezing and cold with large amounts of snowfall Scandinavia
Most people lived in coastal plains or in the valleys of this region, where the land was flat enough to farm. Southern Europe
Crops like grapes and olives are suited to this type of geography, as well as herds of sheep and goats being raised. Southern Europe
These were fierce warriors who swept into Europe, attacking towns and destroying fields. Magyars
This group came from Scandinavia and raided Britain, Ireland, and western Europe. Vikings
These armies poured into southern France and northern Italy. Muslims
This covers much of southern Europe, with peaks 15,000 feat high, large snowfields, and glaciers Mountain Ranges
This land is much flatter and is covered in thick forests and fertile soil North of the Alps
Many rugged hills and low mountains cover this area Far Northern Europe
This area has most of Europe’s rivers, which are formed from the melting of snow Northern European Plain
He was the duke of Normandy when he decided to conquer England in 1066 William the Conqueror
His reign included France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and northern Spain. Charlemagne
He began feudalism in England. William the Conqueror
leader of the Franks Charlemagne
He gave his knights land in return for their loyalty William the Conqueror
What are the levels of feudalism, from highest to lowest? king, nobles, knights, serfs/peasants
Created by: lfoy8290