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Giattino - U2-3

Unit 2 - Section 3 - The Byzantine Empire

Constantinople The Byzantine empire arose from this site
Byzantine empire covered an area from Rome through southeastern Europe and Asia Minor, down to Egypt and across North Africa.
autocratic ruler single ruler with complete authority
Justinian Code Laws that covered a variety of social topics such as crime, marriage & property. Existed for over 900 years!
Byzantine Technology Hippodrome, Built baths, aqueducts, law courts, schools, & hospitals
Byzantine History 527AD—Justinian becomes ruler 850s AD—Byzantine culture spreads to Russia 1240 AD—Byzantine invaded by the Mongols 1453 AD—Constantinople falls to the Ottoman Turks
Preserved Greco-Roman culture mix of Greek/Roman influences) Philosophy Greek & Latin grammar Mathematics
Byzantine Religion Eastern Orthodox Christianity
Byzantine use of Language Most spoke Greek Cyrillic Alphabet invented Became the Russian alphabet
Byzantine Economics Traded with people all over the world British Isles=wool China=silk Africa=cotton & grain India=spices Russia=furs Use the Silk Road Used gold coins
Created by: JImmyjet81