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French Revolution

1st Estate Made up of the clergy in France. Less than 1% of the population
2nd Estate Made up of the nobility in France. About 1% of the population.
3rd Estate Made up of peasants and working class people in France. About 97% of the population
Bourgeoisie The Middle Class
Deficit Spending Situation in which a gov't spends more money than it takes in
Louis XVI King of France in the late 18th Century
Tennis Court Oath When members of the Third Estate banded together to form a new constitution
Declaration of the Rights of Man Document in France modeled after the Declaration of Independence. Gave rights to the people such as all men are equal
Bastille Medieval French prison used as a place to store weapons and gun powder
Marie Antoinette Queen of France. Did NOT say "Let them eat cake"
Republic System of gov't in which officials are chosen by the people
San-culottes Working class men and women. "Without knee britches"
Jacobins Middle class lawyers or intellectual people
Guillotine Engine of terror during the French Revolution
Committee of Public Safety 12 member group that had almost absolute power in France during the French Revolution
Maximilien Robespierre Lawyer and leader of the Committee of Public Safety. Also leader of the Reign of Terror.
Reign of Terror Lasted from July 1793 to July 1794 in which 40,000 people died if they did not agree with the Revolution.
The Directory Five man group that ruled France from 1795-1799.
Nationalism A strong feeling of pride in and devotion to one's country.
Napoleon Bonaparte French general and ruler of France from 1799-1814.
Annex Add a territory to an existing country
Napoleonic Code A series of laws that was among Napoleon's most lasting reforms
Abdication Stepped down from power
Battle of Waterloo Battle in which the British defeated France and caused Napoleon to lose power
Congress of Vienna A group of Europeans who met to create a lasting peace by establishing a balance of power and protecting the system of monarchy.
Elba Island off of Italy where Napoleon was exiled after he lost power the first time.
St. Helena Island in the South Atlantic where Napoleon was exiled after he lost power the second time.
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