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Natural law Laws that govern human nature
Social Conract An agreement by which people give up the state of nature for an organized society
Natural right Right that belongs to all humans from birth
Separation of Powers Dividing the various functions (legislative, judicial, executive) of government to protect from tyranny
Checks and Balances An idea that each branch of government should check the power of the other two.
Philosophes Member of a group of Enlightenment thinkers who tried to apply the methods of science to the improvement of society.
Laissez-Faire Policy allowing business to operate with little or no gov't interference
Denis Diderot Created a 28 volume encyclopedia
Thomas Hobbes Believed that people needed an absolute monarch to rule them.
John Locke People had natural rights-including life, liberty, & property. Influenced Thomas Jefferson
Baron de Montesquieu Believed in separation of powers and checks & balances
Jean-Jacques Rousseau Believed in a social contract-community placed ahead of the individual
Adam Smith Believed in laissez-faire, without government assistance
Voltaire Attacked the French government and the Catholic Church in his writings.
Mary Wollstonecraft Believed a woman should be a good mother, but her interests could be different than her husbands.
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