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Lesson 5 ENT

Chapter 17 Otorhinolaryngology

audi/o hearing
audit/o hearing
aur/o ear
rhin/o nose
acoustic neuroma benign tumor of auditory nerve sheath
cochlear implant hearing device surgically placed under skin behind ear
croup acute respiratory condition common in infants and children - barky cough
deafness inability to hear or hearing impairment
decongestant medication to reduce nasal and sinus stuffiness and congestion
diphtheria bacterial upper respiratory infection
endotracheal intubation (ET) inserting tube through mouth and into trachea, creates upper respiratory airway
epistaxis nosebleed
falling test group of tests to evaluate balance and equilibrium
Meniere disease inner ear condition - vertigo, hearing loss, tinnitus
nasal cannula two pronged plastic device for delivering oxygen directly into nose
OE otitis externa - external ear infection (swimmer's ear)
otitis interna inflammation of inner ear - inner ear infection
OM otitis media - infection of middle ear
pertussis bacterial infection of upper respiratory system - whooping cough
pressure equalizing tube small tube surgically placed in eardrum to assist in draining trapped fluid
Rinne and Weber tuning fork tests tests to assess hearing
tinnitus ringing in ears
vertigo sensation of spinning or whirling around
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