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WH1 SOL 14


Mongols Nomadic people of Central Asia
Black Death Another name for the Bubonic Plague; it got its name from the black and purplish spots some victims developed
Nation-state Independent nation of people having a common culture & identity
Holy Land Biblical region of Palestine
Reign Period of time that a ruler has power
Sack Looting or destroying a captured town
Scarcity Insufficient amount; shortage
Unify Join together
Norman Conquest The conquest of England by the Normans under William the Conqueror
Monarchy Government in which the single ruler (king) has all the power
Tsar (Czar) Another name for emperor, particularly from Russia; comes from the word Caesar
Ottoman Turks Relating to the Turkish Empire; the Muslim empire that defeated the Byzantine Empire; modern-day Turkey
Expel To force or drive out
Magna Carta (Charta) "Great Charter" - guaranteed basic political rights and limited the king's power
Crusades "Holy War" - four military conquests to regain control of the Holy Land in Jerusalem
Common Law Laws originated in England which guaranteed basic political rights in a court of law
Reconquista Expulsion of Jews and Muslims (Moors) from Spain under King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
Parliament British legislative branch with two houses developed as a result of the Magna Carta (similar to our Congress)
Estates General French legislative branch with three houses
Guild A medieval group of people with the same job; similar to today's unions
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