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SCB 6 India

"Study skills 6 India's Empire"

strategy a long-term plan for achieving a goal
province a region with its own government
bureaucracy a system of offices that carries out government rules and regulations
subject people under the rule of an emperor
tolerance a willingness to respect different beliefs and customs
citizenship a status with political rights and obligations
numeral a symbol used to represent a number
decimal system a counting system based on units of ten
metallurgy the science that deals with extracting metals from ore and using it to create useful objects
Chandra Gupta the first Gupta ruler of the new empire in India
Samudra Gupta Exterminator of Kings
Samudra Gupta conquered most of the small kingdoms of northern India
Aryabhata important Indian astronomer and mathematician
Aryabhata discovered eclipses are caused by motion of Earth and moon
Magadha Maurya Empire's strongest kingdoms
Chandragupta Maurya leader of the Maurya Empire
Chandragupta successful military leader took control of Northwest from the Greeks
Ashoka followed Buddhist values
Ashoka ruled for 40 years improved hospitals dug wells build road system
Royal Road promoted and increased trade as well as the spread of Buddhist religion to other empires
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