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WH2 Unit 5 Vocab

Age of Revolutions

Realpolitick term that means politics based on practical matters, rather than on theory
Liberal People who wanted to give more power to elected legislatures
Conservative People who supported the monarchy
Old Regime system of feudalism in France
1st Estate Nobles in France
2nd Estate Clergy in France
3rd Estate Everyone in France what wasn't part of the 1st or 2nd Estates
Tennis Court Oath Promise made by the 3rd Estate representatives to draw up a new constitution
Louis XVI King of France during the French revolution was was executed
Marie Antoinette Wife of Louis XVI that was executed during the Reign of Terror
Robespierre Revolutionary leader who tried to wipe out every trace of France's past monarchy and nobility
guillotine machine for beheading people, known for its use during the French Revolution; it was considered humane
Reign of Terror period of Robespierre's rule that resulted in the deaths of over 40,000
Bourgeoisie term that refers to the wealthiest of the 3rd Estate in France, or "the middle class"
Napoleon Bonaparte leader of France who rose up through the military ranks to become the self-proclaimed emperor of France after the revolution de-stabilized the nation.
Napeoleonic Code complete set of laws set up by Napoleon that eliminated many injustices
Coup d'etat the sudden takeover of a government
Bastille a state prison and royal armory that was attacked by an angry mob on July 14, 1789
Continental System Napoleon's policy of preventing trade and commuications between Great Britain and other European nations
Congress of Vienna Meeting in Austria for the purpose of restoring order to Europe
Klemens von Metternich Key leader at the Congress of Vienna
Balance of Power condition in which no one country becomes a threat to the others
Concert of Europe series of alliances to help prevent revolutions
Peninsulare Latin Americans born in Spain
Creoles Spaniards born in Latin America
Mulattos people of mixed European and African ancestry living in Latin America
Simon Bolivar leader of most South American independence movements
Miguel Hildago priest who began a revolt against Spanish rule in Mexico
Toussaint L'Ouverture former slave that led the revolt in Haiti against French rule
Count Cavour appointed prime minister of Sardinia and helped expand the economy, pushing out foreign influences. Eventually he helped unite Italy
Giuseppe Garibaldi This Italian patriot was a leader of the Red Shirts and united much of Southern Italy through his military victories.
Otto von Bismarck Prussian noble who is credited with masterminding the unification of Germany
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