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Chapter 1

Word Parts

ab- away from
norm rule (root)
-al pertaining to
adhes stuck to (root)
-ion process
anti- against
pyret fever (root)
-ic pertaining to
sept putrefaction (root)
tuss cough (root)
-ive nature of, quality of
a- without
-sepsis decay
auto- self
nom law (root)
-y condition
axill armpit (root)
-ary pertaining to
bi(o) life (root)
-opsy to view
cac- bad
-hexia condition
centi- 100 or hundredth
-grade a step
-meter measure
centr/i center (root)
-fuge to flee
chem/o chemical
-therapy treatment
dia- through
-gnosis knowledge
-phoresis to carry
dis- apart
infect to infect (root)
-ant forming
epi- upon
dem people (root)
eti/o cause (root)
-logy study of
ex- out
cis to cut (root)
-ion process
hetero- different
gene formation, produce (root)
-ous pertaining to
in- in, into
kil/o thousand (root)
-gram a weight
macr/o large (root)
scop to examine (root)
mal- bad
format a shaping (root)
malign bad kind (root)
-ant forming
maxim greatest (root)
-al pertaining to
micro- small
organ organ (root)
-ism condition
milli- thousandth
-liter liter
minim least (root)
multi- many much
-form shape
necr death (root)
-osis condition
neo- new
-pathy disease
onc/o tumor
palm palm (root)
-ar pertaining to
para- beside
-centesis surgical puncture
pro- before
prophylact guarding (root)
pyr/o heat, fire (root)
-genic formation, produce
radi/o ray, x-ray (root)
syn- together, with
-drome that which runs together
therm/o hot, heat (root)
-meter to measure
top/o place
-graphy recording
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