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Giattino - U2-2


Grand Canal Connected northern and southern China Increased trade Allowed food from farms in the south to be sent to cities
The Tang Dynasty ruled China from 618-907 AD. Expansion - Increased foreign trade and economic prosperity
Tang Government strong central government Government workers were required to pass civil service exams Schools were built to prepare civil service workers Ideals of Confucianism reflected in government
Song Dynasty Lasted for 53 years. Dynasty reunited China in 960 AD. Ruled for 3OO years
Tang and Song Social Order strict social order Gentry Wealthy landowners Some become civil servants Peasants farmers Merchants
Status of Women Under the Tang and Song Women were considered inferior to men Foot binding
Tang and Song Achievements Expanded Trade Traded with India, Persia, and the Middle East along the silk road Became expert shipbuilders and became a naval powerMade improvements in farming which increased food productive
Tang and Song Golden Age Technological Innovations Moveable type and block printing Paper Money Porcelain Gunpowder Magnetic Compass Art Landscape painting use of calligraphy
Created by: JImmyjet81