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WH Chapter 20


Who was the steel manufacturer that gave money to build the Peace Palace in the Neatherlands Andrew Carnegie
The alliances called "Bismarck's System" were an attempt by the German chancellor to isolate France
The Triple Alliance included what countries Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Italy
The Entente Cordiale was a "friendly understanding" between what two countries France and Britain
The Schlieffen Plan was designed to defeat France before Russia could organize for war
The immediate cause of the entrance of Britain into WWI was The invasion of Belgium by Germany
Russia was defeated in WWI because She was economically and militarily unprepared for war, the Baltic Sea was closed by German warships, and a spontaneous uprising led to the fall of the czar.
The entrance of the Italians into the war was important because the Germans and Austrians were forced to fight on another front
The sinking of the Lusitania was important because American protests forced the Germans to temporarily halt unrestricted submarine warfare.
Reasons why the United States entered WWI Alliance with Britain and France, Germany's use of unrestricted submarine warfare, and Germany's attempts to bring Mexico into the war.
Why did Germany agree to sign an armistice to end WWI She thought the Fourteen points would be the basis for the peace treaty
What were the results of the Treaty of Versailles Poland was established as an independent country, Alsace-Lorraine was given back to France, League of nations took control of Germany's overseas colonies.
What country was forbidden Anschluss with Germany after WWI Austria
Which American banker loaned money to Germany after the war? Charles Dawes
By signing the Locarno Pact, Germany recognized her western borders as permanent
secret treaty signed between Germany and Russia Reinsurance Treaty
Took Russia out of WWI Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Wilson's peace plan for ending WWI The Fourteen Points
Signed between Germany and the Allies in Paris Treaty of Versailles
Dismantled the Ottoman Empire Treaty of Sevres
Treaty signed by Austria recognizing Hungary's independence Treaty of St. Germain
Organization designed to discuss differences rather than to fight over them League of Nations
Nonaggression treaty signed by Germany, Belgium, and France in 1925 Locarno Pact
An attempt to disarm the great naval powers in the early 1920's Washington Naval Conference
Treaty renouncing war "as an instrument of national policy" Kellogg-Briand Pact
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