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What civilizations had independent city states and were surrounded by the Mediterranean sea? Ancient Greece
Where was the birthplace of Democracy? Athens
Which city state had a strict government, military state, boys had to grew up to be soldiers? Sparta
What were the 3 African Trading Kingdoms? Mali, Ghana, Songhai
Name two products that the African Trading Kingdoms traded? Gold & Salt
Who was the Emperor of Mali? Mansa Musa
What civilizations had a republic form of government? Ancient Rome
What empire preserved Greek & Roman culture? Byzantine Empire
What laws punished you based on your social class? Code of Hammurabi
What were the Roman laws called? 12 Tables
What was it called when there was peace during Roman time period? Pax Romana
Who is China named after? Emperor Qin (Chin)
What civilization was known for math and number 0? Gupta Empire
What civilizations was known for algebra and medicine ? Islamic Empire
When land was exchanged for military service? Feudalism
What were the rules that the knights had to follow? Code of Chivalry
What were the rules the samurai warriors had to follow? Code of Bushido
Who had the greatest influence and power during the dark ages? Catholic Church
Who controlled Japan during the Feudal period? Tokugawa Shogunate
The holy war between the Christians and Muslims for the Holy Land? The Crusades
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