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Giattino - U5-5

Economic and Social Revolutions

Industrial Revolution machines were used to manufacture goods. Goods were produced faster Production increased Invariably prices dropped due to increases in production
“enclosure movement turned tenants and sharecroppers into landless farm laborers
The Famine In actuality, the famine was a fungus brought on boats carrying goods. A single infected potato could spread to 1000 more in a couple days. Many began to die, but not from starvation.Typhus, dysentery, fever, and famine dropsy.
steam locomotive The first two major railroad companies were the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads.
Spinning Jenny could spin up to eight threads at time
Steel With the invention of steel, buildings could be made much taller. Steel was much harder than iron, which would bend if made too tall. The steel industry created many new products, and led to the invention of the car.
Andrew Carnegie became a millionaire in the steel business by putting all his competitors out of business. He created U.S. Steel in Pittsburgh
Thomas Edison invented the electric light. he also invented many other things, like the phonograph.
Alexander Graham Bell patented the first telephone in 1876.
John D. Rockefeller became the richest man in the world in the oil business. He created Standard Oil Company. Oil began being used in all types of machines, like cars.
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