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Lesson 4 Uro/Nephro

Chapter 12 Urology and Nephrology - Urinary & Male Reproductive

balano glans penis
cysto bladder
litho stone
nephro kidney
orchid, orchio, orcho testes
pyelo renal pelvis
reno kidney
BPH benign prostatic hypertrophy - enlargement of prostate gland
BUN blood urea nitrogen - blood test to determine kidney function
calculus stone formed within organ
chlamydia bacterial sexually transmitted disease
circumcision surgical removal of prepuce or foreskin
DRE digital rectal exam - check for enlarged prostate
ED erectile dysfunction
ESWL Extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy - treatment for urinary stones
frequency feeling urge to urinate more often than normal
genital herpes viral sexually transmitted disease
gonorrhea bacterial STD
HD hemodialysis - treatment for renal failure using artificial kidney machine to filter waste from blood
hesitancy state of difficulty initiating flow of urine
hydrocele accumulation of fluid within scrotum
IVP intravenous pyelogram - xray of kidney following injection of dye into vein
peritoneal dialysis treatment for renal failure
phimosis narrowing of prepuce over glans penis
PKD polycystic kidney disease - multiple cysts
PSA prostate specific antigen - blood test to screen for prostate cancer
renal failure inability of kidneys to filter waste
RP retrograde pyelogram - xray following insertion of dye
syphillis Bacterial STD
TUR transurethral resection - surgical removal of prostate gland tissue
trichomoniasis STD
undescended testicle abnormality involving failure of testes to descend
urgency force or impulse of needing to urinate immediately
UA urinalysis - lab test to examine urine
urinary catheterization insertion of flexible tube into urinary bladder to withdraw urine or insert dye
urinary incontinence involuntary urination
UTI urinary tract infection
urine C culture & sensitivity
varicocele varicose veins of veins leading to testes
VCUG voiding cystourethrography - xray made while patient voids dye that was placed in urinary bladder
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