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Giattino - U5-7

New Imperialism Quiz

Imperialism Stronger nation seeks to dominate a weaker nation politically, economically, and socially
Causes of the New Imperialism - Economic Need for natural resources & new Markets (Industrial Revolution) Place for growing populations to settle Place to invest profits
Causes of the New Imperialism - Political Bases for trade & military ships Power & security of global empire Spirit of nationalism
Causes of the New Imperialism - Social Missionaries SpreadChristianity Share western civilization Belief than western ways are best
Social Darwinism of Survival of the fittest to competition between nations Natural for stronger nations to dominate weaker ones
White Man's Burden Poem by Rudyard Kipling Offered justification for imperialism White imperialist had a moral duty to educate less developed people Spread western ideas, customs & religions to people in Africa & Asia
Colony Governed internally by a foreign power
Protectorate Own internal government but under control of an outside power
Sphere of Influence Outside power claims exclusive investment or trading rights
David Livingstone - first European to explore Sub- Saharan Africa
Created by: JImmyjet81