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Who was forced to take full responsibility for the war under the treaty of versailles? Germany
How did the treaty of versailles affect post war germany? left a legacy of bitterness and hatred of the german people.
Why was WWI considered a total war? The nations involved devoted all its resources to the war.
What was trench warfare intended to accomplish? To protect soldiers from enemy gunfire on the front lines?
How did the zimmerman note push the USA to enter the war? Exposed the german plan to help mexico regain USA territory.
Why was the gallipoli campaign fought? To open a supply line to russia.
What action on november 11, 1918 brought WWI to an end? The Treaty of Versailles was signed.
What is the policy of glorifying power and keeping an army prepared for war? Militarism
Why was austria and hungary known as central powers? Because their location was in the heart of europe/ middle of europe.
Explain the schlieffen plan Germany’s plan to plan for a two front war. Attack france first on its western front win quickly and then russia on the eastern front. They thought it was gonna be a quick win
Who led germany during the last decade of the 1800’s and most of WW1? Kieser Whilhelm II
What did the policy of unrestricted submarine warfare refer too? German policy to sink any ships in british waters w/o warning
What was the system of Rationing designed to limit? Limit the purchase of consumer goods
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