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CL III lab test

contact lens identification review test

Who manufactures Boston Lenses? Bausch & Lomb
Who manufactures Fluoroperm lenses? Paragon
Which GP lens is FDA approved for 30 days continuous wear? Menicon Z (menicon America)
Most continuous wear lenses are FDA approved for __ days and ___ nights of continuous wear? 7days 6 nights
Explain DK of a lens and which allows more oxygen? Which is more fragile ? DK= the amount of oxygen which passes through a lens material more oxygen = more fragile
What does the number represent in the following ; Fluoroperm 30, Fluoroperm 60, Fluoroperm 92, and Fluoroperm 151? the DK value 30= low DK 151= high DK (more oxygen)
List two soft lenses FDA approved for 30 days continuous wear? 1.Alcon Air Optix night/day Aqua 2.B&L Purvision
Explain ionic and non-ionic. Which deposits quicker? ionic= attracts deposits quicker (more reactive material) non-ionic= does not attract deposits as quick (less reactive material)
Explain the difference between the suffix filcon and focon? filcon= soft focon=GP (hard)
Soft Lens Group 1 Low Water (<50% H20) Nonionic Hydrogel Polymers
Soft Lens Group 2 High Water (>50% H20) Nonionic Hydrogel Polymers
Soft Lens Group 3 Low Water (<50% H20) Ionic Hydrogel Polymers
Soft Lens Group 4 High Water (>50% H20) Ionic Hydrogel Polymers
Soft Lens Group 5 Silicone Hydrogel Polymers
Lenses manufactured by B&L? *soflens *purevision *optima *biotrue *silsoft *kerasoft *ultra
Lenses manufactured by Alcon? *dailies total 1 *air optix *aqua comfort *focus dailes *fresh look
Lenses manufactured by Vistakon/Johnson & Johnson? *ACUVUE anything acuvue
Lenses manufactured by Cooper Vision? *myday *clariti *biofinity *proclear *biomedics *preference *frequency *hydrasoft *avaira *clearsight *expressions *vertex
Alcon lenses were formerly manufactured by_________? Ciba
the original alcon lenses (minus focus dailies) have the letter CIBA lens markings where at on the lens? in the periphery on the FRONT surface
focus dailies by alcon have ___ lens markings? NO LENS MARKINGS
Fresh look colors disposable spherical & fresh look color dimensions disposable spherical lenses are stamped with was lens mark? "FL" inversion mark
Air Optix for Astigmatism lenses have CIBA7 plus two numerals molded into the lens_____? periphery
Bausch & Lomb lenses contain a _____type and a ____I.D mark? Logo type Series I.D pg.61 TQ
all acuvue (johnson &johnson) spherical lenses have a 123 inversion on the ____ of the ____ surface of the lenses? periphery Front surface
What is a Sclera Lens? a large contact that rests on the sclera. (know what it looks like)
What is a Hybrid Lens? a lens that has a GP center with a soft skirt . (know what it looks like)
Manufacture(s) of Hybrid lenses? Synergeyes
List lenses made by SynergEyes? *Duette *ultrahealth *clearkone pg.60 TQ
Explain water content of a contact lens? Which allows more oxygen? lenses with less than 50 percent water content are considered to be low water and the others are high water. High water=more oxygen=deposits more
Manufactures of disposable Enhancement lenses? *Advanced Vision Technologies *Orlon Vision *United Contact Lens *X-Cel Specialty Contacts
Disposable ENHANCEMENT lenses made by Advanced Vision Technologies? AVT COLORED LENSES
Disposable ENHANCEMENT lenses made by Orlon Vison? Orion enhancers Bio tint
Disposable ENHANCEMENT lenses made by United Contact Lens? UCL enhanced tints
Disposable ENHANCEMENT lenses made by X-Cel Specialty Contacts? HORIZON TINT
Manufactures of disposable Opaque lenses? *Orion Vision *United Contact Lens
Disposable OPAQUE lenses made by Orion Vision? *venus *impressions *color max *equinox *bella *biocolors
Disposable OPAQUE lenses made by United Contact Lens? cool eyes
Upperlid Attachment (Alignment Fit) Avgerage Diameter? 9.5
Intrapalpebral Fit (Apical) Average Diameter? 8.5
Upperlid attachment has a ___ base curve? Flat BC
Intrapalperbral fit has a _____ base curve? Steep BC
PMMA and Fluorosilicone Acrylate are terms used to describe what type of lenses? GP lenses
hydrogel,filcon, and silicone hydrogel are terms used to describe what type of lenses? Soft lenses
Know how to select the correct contact lens power without using your calculator for VD. page 247 in CL book page 68 in TQ
selecting base curve and power of soft CL BC is in .25 diopter steps (know how to do spherical equivalence)
Created by: Britt7



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