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First Four Dynasties

This dynasty conquered lands in northern China, then established a capital city called Anyang. Shang Dynasty
This dynasty is often compared to the Roman Empire because of their innovations. Han Dynasty
These semi - nomadic people lived in northeastern China and their empire lasted approximately 800 years. Zhou Dynasty
During this dynasty, a ruler named Shi-huang took control of the Zhou Dynasty, then created an empire where the first sections of the Great wall were built. Qin Dynasty
Warlords were appointed during this time period to rule over vast areas of land owned by aristocrats. Shang Dynasty
This dynasty believed that the power to rule was given to them by the gods; and if their people and land prospered, they were being favored. Zhou Dynasty
This great dynasty established an extensive trade route once known as the Silk Road. Han Dynasty
In this dynasty, they began making beautiful silk fabrics that would become a staple of Chinese culture. Shang Dynasty
This dynasty invented paper and ceramics (pots and other articles made from clay hardened by heat). Han Dynasty
Farmers plowed and tended to the land, while artisans and craftsmen made objects, such as sculptures, during this dynasty. Shang Dynasty
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