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world history :(


Constantine is most closely associated with what religion? Nicene Christianity Roman Paganism
Who was able to gain power in the high and late middle ages through strengthening ties with the people?
How did Constantine change Europe? New capital
Feudalism was the basic system of rule governing the middle ages. At the bottom of this society were the peasants. What were two problems the peasants faced?
How did the Crusades affect the economies of central and western Europe? Establishment of lending institutions across the continent
Who were the seafaring warriors who invaded European lands after Charlemagne's death? The Vikings
The Magna Carta was created after the rebellion of the Barons against King John of England, in which a change of government was demanded. What were the 2 effects of the magna carta? Limited the power of the King set the stage for weakening feudalism
What was the name given to the code by which a knight conducts himself? Code of Chivalry
Feudalism is based on the exchange of _____ for ______. goods. money.
how did the Plague help Peasants? The Lords, Kings, And vassals would die so the peasants would take their place
Why does the population grow so fast when people start farming? There's more food
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth most accurately describes which set of ancient laws? Hammurabi's code
How did the people react to the plague? they chose to avoid anyone with the symptoms
What was the early trading route used by ancient Chinese civilizations? The Silk Road
Athens was the first what? Greek City- state
What united the different tribes of Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire? Dark Ages
What reward does Charlemagne receive from Pope Leo the 3 for his help in defeating the popes enemies? They had power
What was different about Joan of Arc from most generals of the time?
Who was able to gain power in the high and late middle ages through strengthening ties with the people? monarchs
How was the black Death spread to Europe? rodents
Created by: Candy Phipps