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French Revolution

Enlightenment thinkers to the French Revolution

Define Old Regime in France: A period in France before 1789 where the king and queen had absolute power
Name and explain the Three Estates during the Old Regime in France. Clergy 1% of the pop.no taxes, owned 10% land Nobility 2% of the pop. very little taxes, owned 25% land Commoners 97% of the Pop. paid all of the taxes, owned 65% land, Bourgeoisie =doctors, lawyers, merchants, educated people 4 mill peasants 21 mill
Who were the bourgeoisie? Bourgeoisie made up of doctors, lawyers, merchants, educated people or professionals (4 million people)
Who had the biggest tax burden during the Old Regimes reign? Third Estate
Explain why the people of France stormed the Bastille. A symbol of oppression, Louis XVI sent troops to Paris, The building housed weapons and ammo and political prisoners
What type of government did the Conservatives want? Constitution
What type of government did the Radicals want? Republic
Who made up a majority of the government officials and military officers? Third Estate
What French document contained the following words: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity? Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen
Explain the importance of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen, and who gained the right to vote? All men of universal manhood suffrage
In 1789, what would the Third Estate begin to call themselves? National Assembly
What type of government did the National Assembly create? Constitutional Monarchy
Name the individual that pushed for the following principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity that are found in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. Maximillian Robespierre
What type of government was created with the Constitution of 1791? Constitutional Monarchy
Who became the voice of the French people in their growing hatred toward the French monarchy? Why was he important? Maximillian Robespierre and he would eventually take over the government as a dictator when the king was executed
After Louis XVI was overthrow Austria would invade France, why? The Austrian emperor wanted to restore his sister to the French throne
Who did the Radicals hold captive after the Austrian invasion of France? Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette
Define Counterrevolution: Catholics and Royalist would try to free the king and queen
What would occur to those who were suspected of loyalty to the Old Regime? What was the name given to this time? They would be beheaded during the Reign of Terror
Why was the National Convention the most radical legislative body during the French Revolution? They executed the King and Queen and established a dictatorship
List three success of the National Convention Wage and price controls, Slavery was abolished in French Colonies, A new system of weights and measures were put into place
Explain why Louis XVI was beheaded by the National Convention. Treason, because he tried to flee the country
What person was called to defend France from England, Austria, and Russia? Napoleon Bonaparte
Explain why Napoleon was able to rise so fast and gain power. His marriage to Josephine de Beauharnais and his leadership ability
What was the Napoleonic Code? A system of laws which respected people’s rights
What would happen to Maximilien Robespierre? Beheaded by the National Convention
Define Coup de tat: An overthrow of a government
Explain the Concordat: 1. It was an agreement between the Pope and Napoleon 2. The church would give up its claim to French land 3. Religious freedom would be allowed in France
Why would the people of France accepted Napoleon as their dictator? He gave stability after years of chaos
When Napoleon invaded Russia, what military tactic did the Russians use? Scorched-earth policy
What type of government was established under Napoleon? Military dictatorship
What was the most important reason for Napoleon’s failure to conquer Russia? Its climate and size
Where did Napoleon’s final defeat occur? Waterloo
After Napoleon’s defeat, Europe was governed by a system called the __________ Concert of Europe
What happened at the Congress of Vienna? a. Countries that lost to Napoleon were paid back b. A balance of power would be restored c. Former ruling families would be restored to power
Who became the French king after Napoleons defeat? Louis XVIII
Created by: mrwebsterdavison