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WH1 SOL 11


Archipelago a group of islands
Proximity nearness in space (distance), time, or relationship
Mountainous having many mountains in the terrain
Shinto principal or main religion of Japan based on worship of ancestral spirits
Buddhism secondary religion of Japan that spread from India to China to Japan
Ethnic culture of a group of people
Coexistence when 2 or more live together
Ancestors family from the past
Emperor leader of an empire, king
Culture traditions or customs of a group of people
Architecture Designing and constructing buildings
Shogun Feudal military leader of Japanese society, usually more powerful than the emperor
Samurai Japanese military class under the control of the daimyos
Daimyo Japanese lord who was a vassal of the shogun
Sphere of influence when a country/area has the ability to affect another country/area even though it has no formal authority to do so
Bushido Samurai code of honor; "the way of the warrior"
Pagoda Hindu or Buddhist or sacred building with tiers (layers)
Self-discipline ability to control one's feelings and overcome one's weaknesses
Seppuku suicide with honor; practiced by Samurais to avoid dishonor
Terrace Farming method of growing crops on the sides of hills or mountains by buildings steps or flat surfaces
Created by: MMS 8th