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Rome Review

Use this Study Stack to help you prepare for your Rome Unit Test.

What were the main uses of the Roman Baths? Socialize Relax Read
Who were the twin brothers, one of which Rome is named after? Romulus and Remus
What was the purpose of the aqueducts? They carried running fresh water into the city and waste water out of the city.
What was Julius Caesar's famous quote? "I came, I saw, I conquered." Know the meaning of this quote.
What was the purpose of the Twelve Tables. The Twelve Tables were a set of laws and their punishments. They provided protection to the people of Rome.
What was the cause of the decline of Rome? The Empire had expanded and was difficult to control.
What was a major contribution that Rome made to Western European culture? Their style of government.
Why was Julius Caesar murdered? He was believed to be too powerful.
Which emperor had a large scale building plan? Augustus Caesar
Who did Rome battle during the Punic Wars? Carthage
Which group was at the top of the Roman social class system? The Plebians or the Patricians? Patricians.
What famous eruption have we studied? The eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. *Know the town that this eruption buried.
What was a new religion that came about in ancient Rome? Christianity
What was the long period of peace in Rome called? Pax Romana
Name the Roman architecture that we have studied. Coliseum Pantheon Aqueducts Appian Way
Where would you find modern day Rome? Italy
Cicero, Virgil and Ovid are famous... Roman writers
What did Rome use to help grow their empire? Roads
Vandals, Goths, Franks and Huns have what in common? They attacked Rome.
Who was a famous Carthaginian general? Hannibal
Study your vocabulary! Know the 8 Features of Civilization and an example of each from Rome.
Created by: philip.caldwell