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Pre-World War 2

The German name for living space lebensraum
Triggered by the Stock market crash of 1930 Great Depression
What was the name of the group that fought the British Army? IRA
Organization that failed to keep the world at peace League of Nations
these countries were part of the British colonial Empire as of 1920 Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand
Combat squads were sometimes called this Black Shirts
Writing technique where a character has random thoughts stream of conciseness
German physicist who theorized time and space measurements Einstein
Worked with atoms and was a leader in the radioactivity Marie Curie
Worked with the human mind and pioneer of psychology Sigmund Freud
Young Women in the 1920s were sometimes called this flappers
Period when the US rounded up radicals and deported them Red Scare
New popular style of music that formed during the 20s Jazz age
Organization that failed to keep the world at peace League of Nations
Name of the line that the French built to keep out the Germans Maginote line
Mussolini wanted kids to learn about the glories of Ancient Rome
the Ancient Roman ax was known as the fasces
Hitler was legally elected to this position in 1933 Chancellor
When Mussolini got into power he called himself Il Duce
Mussolini wanted women to win the battle of motherhood
the political changes Hitler made when he came to power in Germany were suspended civil rights, purged his party and those that opposed him and controled the peoples lives
Any totalitarian government that is not communist is called fascism
In Nazi Germany, the men prepared for war while the women were supposed to take care of the kids
the "Night of Broken Glass" is known as Kristallnacht
the government that was set up in Germany in 1919 was called the Weimar Republic
The three things that Hitler promised when he was elected Chancellor Rearm Germany, End Reparations and Create Jobs
Hitler would call himself der F├╝hrer which meant the leader
The National Social German Workers also went by this Nazi Party
Book that Hitler wrote while in jail Mein Kampf
What were the three appeals of Fascism strong and stable government, Extreme national Pride,Leaders projected a sense of confidence and power
The King that Mussolini replaced when he took over in 1922 Victor Emanule
What were Post World War One problems Finding jobs for returning veterans,Rebuilding lands Paying off huge debts,Communism in Russia lead to fears that other nations could fall to communism Europe lacked the strong leadership that was needed to solve these problems
German secret police Gestapo
Fascist leader of Italy Benito Mussolini
to dominate Europe for 1,000 years was called the Thrid Reich
Leader of the Nazi party Adolf Hitler
The Beliefs of Hitler included the belief that the Aryans were superior, the jews and other needed to be extinguished,
Dawes Plan Created by the United States as a way to lower Germany's war payments. France would withdraw forces and American loans would help the Germans pay the British and French
single party rule, government control of the media, strict obedience, government controls economy, use of schools to indoctrinate the citizens and obedience to a single ruler are all features of a totalitarian government
In Fascist society what were the youth taught obedience
The organization that Hitler used to indoctrinate childen to his and the Nazi's beliefs Hitler youths
If Mussolini didn't like you or you criticized him he would exile , kill and imprison that person.
Social Changes Hitler made reduced roles of Women, created the 3rd Reich, made the citizens pledge absolute loyalty
Political changes Hitler made suspending all civil Rights, controlling lives of the people and eliminated all other political parties
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