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TCI 22

The Maya

Mesoamerica the region extending from modern Mexico through Central America
Mayan civilization a great civilization that lasted from about 2000 BCE to 1500 CE and at its peak included present-day southern Mexico and large portions of Central America
hieroglyphic writing that uses pictures as symbols
ritual a set of actions that is always performed the same way as part of a religious ceremony
sacrifice a gift of an animal for slaughter to honor the gods
divine related to or coming from a god or gods
slash-and-burn agriculture a farming technique in which vegetation is cut away and burned to clear land for growing crops
coming-of-age ceremony a ceremony that celebrates the end of childhood and acceptance into the adult community
pok-a-tok a Mayan ball game that had religious significance
semidivine more than human but not fully a god
city-states independent settlements, sometimes walled, and often including the surrounding territory
ceremonial centers a large plaza in a city center, surrounded by temples and palaces, where religious rituals and other public ceremonies took place
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