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Religion Unit 1

prayer increases happiness

What are the four arguments to why god exists? 1. Argument from desire 2. Argument from design 3. First cause argument 4. Pascal's Wager
What is prayer? - Lifting of ones mind and heart to god - A loving conversation with god
What are the 6 forms of prayer? 1. Blessing and Adoration 2. Petition 3. Intercession 4. Thanksgiving 5. Praise 6. Meditation
What are the 5 types of prayer? 1. Formal 2. Spontaneous 3. Vocal vs Silent 4. Private 5. Public
Why do we pray? - Prayer gives us spiritual strength and keeps us connected to god
How do we write a prayer? ACTS
What does the A in ACTS stand for? A- In adoration of him
What does the C in ACTS stand for? C- With contrition (sorrow) for our sins
What does the T in ACTS stand for? T- In thanksgiving for his blessings
What does the S in ACTS stand for? S- In Supplication (petition)
The Holy Trinity consists of what 3 elements? -The father -The son -The holy spirit
Sign of the cross- forehead position meaning -Highest part of the cross -Asking god to be in our minds
Sign of the cross- Chest position meaning - Calling god to be in our love
Sign of the cross- Left shoulder position meaning - Calling god to be in our good actions
Sign of the cross- Right shoulder position meaning - Asking god to forgive us of our sins
What are the 6 positions of prayer? 1. Eyes and head raised upwards to god 2. Humble kneeling 3. Eyes closed, concentrating on god 4. Hands and head raised to heaven 5. Head bowed in respect to god 6. Lying flat on the ground in humility
What is the Rosary? - A prayer aid to help you keep track of what prayer your on
How do we pray the Rosary? 1. sign of the cross and apostles creed 2. our father 3. three hail mary's 4. glory be to the father 5. mystery for reflection and our father 6. pray 10 hail mary's 7. glory be to the father
How many mysteries are there? -20 -Five joyful -Five sorrowful -Five Glorius -Five Luminous Good Luck Saint Johns
What is precept #1? -Catholics attend Mass on Sundays and on holy days of obligation
What is precept #2? -Confess serious sins at least once a year
What is precept #3? -Receive holy communion as often as possible
What is precept #4? -Keep the holy day of obligation holy -Attend mass on Christmas and New Year's Day
What is precept #5? -Observe the days of fasting and abstinence
What is precept #6? -Help those in need -Contribute to the church as much as possible
Who has the authority to interpret the bible? -The Magisterium (Bishops and pope)
Created by: mjansen
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