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Chapter 16 Test

What is a potlatch? A ceremony that allowed families to display their rank and prosperity in an elaborate ceremony
Who are the Anasazi? The people to the north
What were the pueblos? Villages of large, apartment-style compounds made of stone and adobe, or sun-baked clay
What was the Mississippian? The last Mound Builder culture
What was the Iroquis? A group of tribes speaking related languages living in the eastern Great Lakes region
What were totems? A natural object with which an individual, clan, or group identifies itself
What was rich in resources and supported a sizable population? The Pacific Northwest
Who were the most successful farmers of the Southwest in 1500 B.C.? The Hohokam
What began around A.D. 900? The largest Anasazi pueblo called Pueblo Bonito
What was a major factor linking the peoples of North America? Trade
What was Tikal? A major center in northern Guatemala
What were glyphs? Maya writing that consisted of about 800 symbols
What was a codex? A bark-paper book that was used to write glyphs about important events
What was Popol Vuh? The most famous book that was used to record Maya people history
What was obsidian? A green or black volcanic glass found in the Valley of Mexico
What was obsidian used for? To make razor-sharp weapons
What was the most valuable trade item? Obsidian
Who was Quetzalcoatl? A god; the Feathered Serpent
What was the Triple Alliance? The leading power in the Valley of Mexico and gained control over neighboring regions
Who was Montezuma II? A ruler of the Aztec Empire
Who was Pachacuti? A powerful and ambitious ruler
What was the ayllu? Extended family group
What was the quipu? A set of knotted strings that could be used to record data
What was mita? A labor tribute
What was the greatest project for the Incas? The road system
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