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Incas, Mayas, Aztecs

1. what were 3 things native Americans in north america had in common Trade, religion and social class structure
2. what was the role of religion for Mayans It was a big part they thought it made the sun rise and the crops grow.
3. what were 3 major achievements of the Mayan civilization They had a complex form of writing a accurate calendar and good mathematics
4. how did the Aztecs control their empire hey had a triple alliance with Texaco and tiacopan and controlled it with power based on a good military.
5. did the Aztecs trade Yes It was a good source of money and goods
6. why did Aztecs sacrifice humans because human blood satisfied the gods
7. what was the name of Inca powerful and ambitious ruler in 1438. pachacuti
8. what are some things pachacuti accomplished he conquered all of Peru
9. how did the incas keep control of all their land they split it up into small territories each with there own ruler
10. did the incas have strong architecture yes they were advanced.
11. what was the incan government like they had total legal control over economic and social life.
12. were the incas good with numbers yes they also had a decimal system
13. what was labor tribute known as mita
14. how long was the incan road system 14,000 miles long it was paved stone and simple paths
15. what is a chasquis a system of runners that passed messages to a location. as a postal service
16. what is a quipu a set of knotted strings that could be used to record data
17. did incas have more or less gods then the aztecs they had less but not much less
18. what was the primary god of the Incas viracocha
19. was Cuzco heavily decorated yes there was silver and gold everywhere.
20. when was the incan empire at its best in the early 1500s
21. what happened when the inca empire died the empire split into two
22. when did the empire fall one half claimed they owned the other.
23. how did mita effect the empire it made it run and work
24. what was the mayas tiakl it was a city that they made
25. were kings considered gods at the time yes
Created by: 20cburns