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WH chap 16 Test

The basic difference between the American and French revolutions is that the American movement was conservative; the French radical
Civil authority for the Plymouth Colony was established by the Mayflower Compact
England allowed early religious and political liberty in the colonies because the English government had focused their attention on matters in other parts of the world
The British began placing restrictions on the colonies after a series of wars on the European continent
Between 1763 and 1774, Parliament passed laws placing restrictions on Colonial trade
The colonies resented the Parliamentary laws (1763-1774) because they violated colonial charters, Parliament was invading the internal affairs of the colonies, the colonial assemblies claimed the power to tax
Place the following in order: Battles of Lexington and Concord, the Constitution, Battle of Saratoga, the decoration of Independence Battles of Lexington and Concord/ The decoration of Independence/ Battle of Saratoga/ the Constitution
The Battle of Saratoga was a turning point for the Americans because the The French decided to support the colonists
Popular sovereignty means government by the consent of the governed
The "Old Regime" refers to the order before the French Revolution
What caused the French Revolution? heavy taxation of the poor, the incompetence of Louis XV and Louis XVI, France's bankrupt condition
The taille, the capitation, and the vingtieme were types of taxes
Once the Estates-General convened, the biggest issue was the number of votes each estate would receive
The Tennis Court Oath declared that the delegates of the Third Estate would not disband until A written constitution was established
Which event symbolized the downfall of the Old Regime? the storming of the Bastille
Which 1789 French document lists the national rights of all people and the rights possessed by citizens? Declaration of the Rights of Man
Mobs protesting food shortages did what storm Versailles, murdered two of the kings's guards, and forced the king and his family back to Paris
The Civil Constitution of the Clergy placed the church under state control, provided for the election of all the clergy by the people, required the clergy to take an oath of loyalty to the state.
Sans-culottess included Paris workers, wearers of full length trousers, and those dissatisfied with the distribution of wealth
An issue by the Austrians, Calling for the French people to rally behind their king, and Promise to restore Louis XVI to the French throne was known as The Brunswick Manifesto
The purpose of the Reign of Terror was to get rid of opposition to the revolution
The saying "a revolution devours its own" is illustrated by the arrest and death of Robespierre and his followers
The Directory consisted of Two-chamber legislature, 5 men to run the executive branch, and left Napoleon in charge of France's defense.
What was Napoleon's most famous and enduring accomplishment? the Code Napoleon
Napoleon's accomplishments included peace treaties with Austria and Britain, creation of the Bank of France, and the restoration of certain privileges to the Roman Catholic Church.
The Continental System was designed to Cut off trade with England
Louis XVI king during the French Revolution
Danton Prominent Jacobin executed by Robespierre
Lord Nelson Was a British admiral
Napoleon France's first Consul for life
Alexander I Russian czar
Duke of Wellington The victorious general at Waterloo
Created by: CoachSimpson