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Early China

Huang He Because its flooding has drowned many people this river is known as "China's Sorrow.
irrigation This new technology was developed during the Zhou Dynasty.
the Shang Who built the first cities in China?
farmers Most people of Shang China were
aristocrat a noble whose wealth comes from the land he or she owns
pictograph a character that stands for objects, such as the moon and the sun
ancestor a person that someone is descended from
ideograph a character that represents an idea used in Chinese writing
bureaucracy a system of appointed officials who run different parts of the government
Daoism the belief that people should live in harmony with nature
social class people who share a similar position in society
filial piety the responsibility children have to respect, obey, and care for their parents
legalism also called the “School of Law”
currency Qin Shihuangdi helped unify China by creating a ____________________, or type of money, that everyone had to use.
The Great Wall of China To keep out invaders, Qin used hundreds of thousands of farmers to join together, strengthen, and complete many northern walls that earlier Chinese rulers had constructed. The finished structure was known as ______________________________________
paper During the Han dynasty, a major advance in technology was that people made ____________________ from hemp or rag pulp.
Buddhism The religion of ____________________ spread across the Silk Road from India to China.
horses Zhang Qian explored areas west of China, including the area of present-day Kazakhstan, where he saw ____________________ of great size and strength, which Emperor Han Wudi wanted for military purposes.
Qin Shihuangdi wanted to unify China
Silk Road vast network of trade routes for Chinese goods stretching as far west as Greece and Rome
Han Wudi reformed and improved government through changing civil service hiring practices
acupuncture Chinese medical practice that eases pain through the use of needles stuck into the patient’s skin
censor appointed officer who makes sure that government workers do their job
the gods According to the Mandate of Heaven, a king’s right to rule came from
Laozi Who was the founder of Daoism whose name means “the Old Master”?
trade increased What was the result of Zhang Qian’s exploration of the West?
Dao Chinese system of beliefs that describes the way a king must rule
Shang China’s first dynasty
Zhou ruled China longer than any other dynasty
Buddhism a religion that spread from India to China
Han dynasty under which culture flourished
Mandate of Heaven Zhou rulers claimed that the __________________________ gave them the right to rule China.
tenant farmer Every year, a(n) _____________________ had to give part of his crop to the lord who owned the land he farmed.
bureaucracy The Zhou king ruled with the help of a(n) ___________________, selected officials who carry out different government jobs.
acupuncture To this day many Chinese doctors continue to use _____________________ to help their patients
Legalism The Chinese philosophy of __________________________ stressed the importance of laws.
Hanfeizi The Chinese philosophy of legalism, introduced by __________________________ stressed the importance of laws.
Dao Zhou rulers were expected to rule in the proper "Way," which was known as the _____________________.
currency It was easier for merchants to buy and sell goods when everyone used the same _____________________.
social class People who belong to the same _____________________ have the same economic and social position.
pictograph Ancient Chinese writing began with a(n) _____________________, a character that represents an object.
Daoism Someone who likes to spend time outside in nature might be interested in the Chinese philosophy of _____________________.
hereditary Land ownership in early China was _____________________, passed down from fathers to sons.
ancestor Before making an important decision, the Chinese ruler wished to consult with a(n) _____________________ he believed could help him.
military China’s first dynasty was the Shang. Shang kings ruled China from 1750 B.C. to 1045 B.C. The Shang king was the political, religious, and _______________________ leader of the country.
warlords Leaders of territories, known as _______________________ and other royal officials formed an upper class of aristocrats.
ancestors The Shang worshipped many gods. They honored their _______________________ and used oracle bones to seek their guidance.
Confucianism The famous Chinese philosopher Confucius urged people to follow the ways of their ancestors. He believed people should place the needs of others above their own needs. His philosophy became known as _______________________.
filial piety Confucius stressed the idea of _______________________. He believed children had an obligation to take care of their parents when they were old.
Daoism The ideas of Laozi gave rise to _______________________. According to Laozi, people should free themselves from worldly desires and live in harmony with nature.
Legalism Hanfeizi introduced the ideas of _______________________. He stressed the importance of laws and the need for harsh punishments.
civil service The first strong Han ruler was Han Wudi. In an effort to improve the government, he instituted an examination system for the _______________________.
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