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Foy WH Ch. 13 Test

What did Sundiata do to protect his country? He took power away from others and adopted the title “mansa.”
What made Ghana become a powerful empire? It gained valuable trade routes.
What is the best known of all the visual forms of West Africa? sculpture
Under what king did Ghana reach its peak? Tunka Manin
What empire rose up against Mali and regained its freedom? Songhai
What did Ibn Battutah do that made him famous? He wrote about the political and cultural lives of West Africans.
What led to Mali’s gradual decline? Weak rulers couldn’t stop raiders.
What did many West Africans believe about spirits? The spirits of their ancestors lived by.
What new weapon allowed Morocco to take over Songhai? arquebus
How did Ghana’s kings keep order in the empire? Conquered kings were allowed to keep much power and act as governors.
Under what ruler did Songhai grow the most? Sunni Ali
What ruler was Mali’s most famous leader who influenced the spread Islam through a large part of West Africa? Mansa Musa
What group cut off many trade routes in Ghana, making it unable to support its empire? Almoravids
What did Askia the Great do to maintain order in Songhai? He set up five provinces within Songhai.
What river in west Africa was a source of food, water, and transportation, and allowed many people to live there? Niger River
What is the name of the northern band across West Africa, which is the world’s largest desert? Sahara
How did people pass along historical events in West Africa? oral histories
What type of fabric would kings and queens wear for special occasions? kente
What allowed Great Zimbabwe’s population to grow and allowed it to become a large trading network? gold mining and farming
What left Ghana’s land worthless for farming? The Almoravids brought herds, which led to overgrazing.
Why did Morocco invade Songhai? to control the Saharan salt mines
What are some resources that come from West Africa? kola nuts, salt, and gold
What is the name of the band of open grassland with scattered trees? savannah
What region is near the equator, is moist and densely wooded, and contains a variety of plants and animals? rainforests
What empire did Sundiata take over, along with the salt and gold trades? Ghana
Who was involved in a typical West African family? father, mother, children, close relatives
What traditional Mali belief explained how the land would provide plenty of food? People’s ancestors made an agreement with the spirits.
What did griots recite to teach lessons to the people? proverbs
Who was Mali’s first strong leader to build up a strong army and win back the country’s independence? Sundiata
What Songhai ruler worked to support education and especially supported learning about medicine? Askia the Great
Where do we get much of what we know about early West Africa? writings of travelers and scholars from Muslim lands
What caused the weakening of Great Zimbabwe? gold trade declined
How did Sunni Ali bring peace and stability to Songhai? by participating in both Islam and local religions.
What were masks made for? rituals as they danced around the fire
What helped Mali grow as an empire? fertile soil along the Niger River
Other than an extended family, what was another group West Africans could be involved in? age sets
Africa is the _____________ largest continent. second
What did traders have to do when buying and selling goods in Ghana? pay taxes
You are a tribesman who believes that everything in life has spirits. What belief do you practice? animism
You are a trader who leaves a salt slab on a river bank. Another trader comes by and leaves a fair amount of gold for you in exchange for the salt. You later pick up the salt. What is this process called? silent barter
What semiarid region divides the desert from wetter areas and has enough vegetation to support hardy grazing animals? Sahel
If you are a griot in your village, what do you do? keep the history of your ancestors alive through storytelling
started working as soon as they were able children
taught traditions to the children elders
farmed and cared for the children women
hunted and farmed men
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