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Ch. 14 History Notes

Hokkaido one of the 4 largest islands in Japan.
Jomon an ancient Japanese culture that used cords to mark pottery.
Jimmu the first of the Yamato leaders in Japan.
Great Change a period during which Japan was divided into provinces.
Shinto Japanese religion based on the belief in nature spirits.
Most Japanese people believed Buddhism prepared them for the afterlife.
The samurai were loyal to the nobles.
Government officials during the Nara Period were hired because they were nobles from powerful families.
Nara Period the history of Japan during the A.D. 700s.
Onin War period of 10 years when warriors fought one another.
Minamoto Yoritomo the first shogun.
Gempei War a civil war between the Taira family and the Minamoto family.
samurai warriors who agreed to fight for nobles in their private armies.
military ruler shogun.
Pure Land Buddhism has a message about a happy life after death.
feudalism bond of loyalty between a lord and a vassal.
Murasaki Shikibu female novelist and poet.
The Tale of Genji novel written by Murasaki Shikibu.
What does Zen Buddhism teach? people could find inner peace through self-control and a simple way of life.
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