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Quarter 3-3

Trench Warfare? Trench foot, battle of Attrition, extremely wet conditions.
What is the belief that people with a common ethnic ancestry, shared language, culture, history, and religion have the right to a state of their own? Nationalism
What was the name of Germany’s grand scheme to win WWI that was developed long before the war began? Schleiffen Plan
The Balkans, known as the “powder keg of Europe” were located in what region of the world? Southeastern Europe
Woodrow Wilson’s plan for the peace after WWI was called ……? Fourteen Points
At the conference held at the palace of Versailles at the end of the war, the leaders of the “big 4” had what type of reaction to Wilson’s plan? Accepted some points of the plan
What is women’s suffrage? The right to vote
Which economic system is based on private ownership of the means of production and the creation of goods and services? Capitalism
Which document prohibited slavery in states that rebelled from the Union? The Emancipation Proclamation
Alexander II of Russia promoted reforms after losing what? Crimean War
Treaty of Versailles? Germany is blamed, pay reparations, loss of land
Appeasement was the policy in the 1930's because? they thought it would satisfy Hitler's desire for expansion.
What signaled the beginning of the Great Depression? Stock Market Crash
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