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Quarter 3-2

2nd set

Which of the following was an economist who believed in a Laissez-faire government and that capitalism provides the greatest benefit to out society? Adam Smith
Government system that wants equal distribution of wealth? Socialism
Most important trading power in India? British East India Company
An area in which Western nations controlled trade and investment in China was called which of the following? A sphere of Influence
Who forced China to trade Opium? British
Why was India considered the "Jewel in the Crown?" India was the most valuable colony for Britain
The Ming and Qing Dynasties were similar in their attempt to exhibit strength over foreign nations while maintaining limited trade with foreigners in their home port cities. What is the name of this policy? Isolationist Policy
US influence in China led to...? Open Door Policy
The increase of urban populations in the 2nd half of the 18th Century helped create and atmosphere right for growth in what area? Industry
Why was Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo on the day of his assassination? To make sure Serbia did not interfere with their control over Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Which 3 nations made up the Axis Powers? Italy, Japan, Germany
The German Dictator that takes over in 1933? Adolf Hitler
What was the Major purpose of the League of Nations? To solve international problems and maintain world peace.
Created by: cfrantz