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Quarter 3

Why did the Agricultural Revolution pave the way for the Industrial Revolution? It caused farmers to lose land and seek other work in the cities.
How much did the crop rotation system increase crop yields? increased the nutrients in the soil.
What was the Industrial Revolution? Increased output of machine-made goods that began in England during the late 1700's
What were the three factors of production required to drive the Industrial Revolution? Land, Labor, and Capital.
Which area was the first to undergo major industrialization? Textile production
An entrepreneur is a type of? Business Person
What impact did technological advances have on industry? Production of goods was increased.
How did the Industrial Revolution affect cities? It made the population grow faster than the housing supply.
People moving from the country to he city for jobs is called? Urbanization
Which group of people wanted to limit voting rights to people who were educated and owned property but wanted to see changes in current government? Liberals
Fascism glorifies the state above the individual by emphasizing the need for…? a strong central government led by a dictator.
Which document did the US fail to sign at the end of WW I? The Treaty of Versailles
The purpose of Propaganda? To provide carefully chosen information to the masses.
Created by: cfrantz