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world war 1 test

world war 1

What is someone that gives money to a cause? Philanthropist
What 5 things created tensions and mistrust that led to WWI? Nationalism,/ Imperialism,/ Militarism,/ System of Alliances,/ Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife
What is intense pride and interests and culture of one's nation? Nationalism
What place did France want to regain for their iron and coal? Alsace- Lorraine
In what way was Imperialism a great factor towards the tensions and mistrust during WW1? The mad scramble for colonies in Africa and Asia
What is the word for glorification of armed strength? Militarism
Example of this is when military expenditures from 1870 to 1914 in Europe jumped 300%? Arms Race
What was the saying pertaining to if one nation uses its reserves the others will as well? "Mobilization Meant War"
What was known as "The Powder Keg of Europe"? Balkans
Who was the "sick man" of Europe? Ottoman Empire
What place did Austria-Hungary have the right to administer? Bosnia-Herzegovina
Where was Archduke Franz Ferdinand visiting when he was assassinated? Sarajevo
Who shot and murdered both Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his Wife? Gavrilo Princip
Due to Archduke Franz's assassination AH believed Serbs had to do with it so they gave them a ____ of demands? Ultimatum (Which they declined)
What date did Austria Hungary declare war on Serbia? July 28, 1914
When did the Alliance System really begin to operate? After AH declared war on Serbia
What was Germany's major problem during the war? Fighting a two front war
To avoid fighting the 2 front war what did Germany adopt? Schlieffen Plan
When Germany tries to cut through Belgium to take out France, Great Britain gets pissed due to what document? Belgian Neutrality
Great Britain and France were scared of what German leader at the time? Kaiser Wilhelm II
Who are the four main countries in the Allied Powers? Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy (also the U.S. rooted for them)
What were three of the Allied Power's strengths? 1.Controlled seas (GB) 2. More manpower and greater Industrial Potential (Russia) 3. Surrounded Central Powers
Who were the three main countries in the Central Powers? Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire
What 5 advantages did the Central Powers have? armies prepared, b weapons, indus gear toward war, better communication with allies, georaphically centrally located
What was the term both the Central Powers and the Allied Powers used about having a quick war? "The boys will be home by Christmas."
What was the war between the Central Powers and the Allied Powers known as? "The Great War" or "The War to End all Wars"
Where was the Western Front stretched out from? English Channel to Swiss Alps
Where was the Eastern Front stretched out from? Baltic Sea to Black Sea (bigger then western front)
What was the battle in which the Germans were finaly stopped by Great Britain and France? First Battle of Marne (important because the war would have been over)
By 1915 it looked like no one could win the war making it a what? Stalemate
What type of fighting was there during the First Battle of Marne? Trench Warfare
What was the zone between trench warfare called? What was the term used when men would move through that? "No Man's Land"
"Over the Top"
What was the longest battled? Battle of Verdun
What battle were tanks introduced in? Battle of Somme
What was the date of the worst day in British military history? What battle was it part of? July 1, 1916
Battle of Somme
Who introduced the tank to protect their men from machine gun fire? Great Britain
What were gas filled ballons called? Zeppelins
What had very little affect in the war? aircraft (Bi-wing planes)
What did the Germans use that was very effective against British supplies? submarines
What is a Great Britain warship called? convoy
Who was the personal commander of the Russian army? Czar Nicholas II
What was the date for the bread riots? and where did this occur? March, 1917
What year did Czar Nicholas II advocate? 1917
What is the word for a temporary government? Provisional
When the Second Revolution Occurred who had to do with it? Bolsheviks
Who were the Bolsheviks led by? V.I. Lenin
V.I. Lenin negotiated a costly peace treaty with Germany called what? WHICH MADE RUSSIA WITHDRAW FROM WAR Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (Russia lost 25% of it's land and people)
Why did Russia's withdrawal from the war cause grave concern for the allies? Now Germany could concentrate on the Western Front
On May, 1915 who joined the Allied Powers? Italy
In Britain's attempt to take the Sea link between the Black Sea and Med. Sea where did they land troops? Gallipoli Peninsula
Who was the British colonel that helped out Arab Nationalists against the Ottoman Turks? T.E. Lawrence
Who seized Germany's sphere of influence in China? Japan
What ship did the Germans torpedoe that pissed off President Wilson? Lusitania
The American public opinion was outraged when what newspapers were published? Zimmermann Telegram
What was the secret message form German Foreign Minister to Mexico called? Zimmermann Telegram
When did Wilson ask Congress to declare war on Germany? April 2, 1917
Who established Communism in Russia? Lenin
Germany's plan to avoid fighting a two front war? Schlieffen Plan
What was the last great battle of the War? Battle of Meuse
What is an agreement to end fighting called? armistice
On what date date did Allies and Germany sign an Armistice? November 11, 1918
What was the costliest War up to that time? Battle of Meuse
Who lost the most people? Russia
What was the document formed as a postwar settlement? Fourteen Points
What was the 14th point called in the postwar settlement? League of Nations
What were Lloyd George, George Clemencean, Vittorio Orlando and Woodrow Wilson known as? "The Big Four"
What treaty forced Germany to Disarm, created new countries, and much more? Treaty of Versailles
Who was forced to admit Responsibility for the war? Germany
When did Germany sign the treaty breaking up Austria-Hungary and changing the boundaries throughout Europe? June 28, 1919
Who was the father of the Turks? Kemal Atatürk
What is the word for a territory administered but not owned by League Members? Mandate
After all the Wars and Treaties what was created? The League of Nations
After Everthing happened what did the U.S. do? Entered a Period of Isolationism
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