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Chp 11 Med Terms

Endocrine System Q and A

The combining form meaning male andr/o
Cushing's syndrome is a collection of signs and symptoms caused by an excessive level of cortisol
A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus indicates that the patient probably does not depend on insulin for survival
Hypernatremia describes a low level of sodium ions in the blood FALSE
The absorption of water by kidney tabules is influenced by antidiuretic hormone
Glucosuria refers to sugar in urine
The test to measure the level of specific ions in the blood to monitor metabolism assays electrolytes
Inflammation of the pancreas pancreatitis
The combining form referring to the adrenal gland adren/o
Excessive thirst is termed polydipsia
A postprandial blood sugar assay is a test that measures the level of blood glucose after a meal
Hirsutism describes an excessive growth of hair, especially in unusual places
Excision of the thyroid gland thyroidectomy
The ovaries secrete estrogen and progesterone
Abnormal increase in urine output most commonly caused by inadequate secretion of pituitary antidiuretic hormone is diabetes insipidus
Epinephrine affects the sympatheic nervous system in stress response.
A deficient level of potassium in the blood is termmed hypokalemia
Which technology is used to measure and image thyroid uptake? nuclear medicine
Dips/o is a combining form meaning thirst
The disease characterized by enlarged features that is caused by hypersecretion of the pituitary hormone after puberty acromegaly
The combining form meaning secrete crino
Thyroid/o and ________ are combining forms for thyroid gland. thyro
Which gland affects the onset of puberty pineal
parathyroid glands are in the neck
The adrenal glands are next to the kidneys
Gluc/o sugar
What hormoe does cretin lack? thyroid
Graves' disease is also known as hyperthyroidism
Myxedema is a condition of advanced hypothyroidism
Triiodothyronine (T3), and thyroxine (T4) are known as the thyroid hormones True
Protrusion of one or both eyeballs is called exophthalmus
CSII is an abbreviation for continuous subcantaneous insulin infusion
The thyroid gland helps to regulate metabolism
Insulin is an antihyperglycemic
A drug that raises blood sugar is a/an antihypoglycemic
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