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Qin and Han Dynasty

Information on Qin and Han Dynasty

What dynasty lasted roughly 400 years? Han
The practice of using skills and talents to work in the government is called? Civil Service
Dynasty that rebuilt the wall like we see it today (used bricks) Ming
What was built to protect China from nomadic people from the North? Great Wall of China
What dynasty lasted roughly 15-10 years? Qin
What was the name of the first emperor of China? Qin Shi Huangdi
6,000-8,000 terra-cotta soldiers were used to guard Qin's ________. Tomb
What was the name of the trade route between China and Europe? Silk Road
What other items did Qin standardized besides weights and measurements? money
Qin burned ________________ to control what people could learn about. books
What term means "High Ancestor" and was the name Liu Bang came to be known as? Han Gaozu
What group of people were helped by civil service tests? Peasants
Which person wrote the first complete Chinese history book? Sima Qian
What was the name of the female writer who supported the education of women? Ban Zhao
Merchants who sold and traded goods on the Silk Road were called ______. Middleman
Many _____________ were made during the Han dynasty. inventions
What emperor improved transportation and divided lands of lords to give to peasants? Wu Di
What philosophy did Qin believe in? Legalism
Why is it important to view history from different perspectives (views)? To get a better understanding of what happened; understand from different social classes
Which dynasty built the Grand Canal? Sui
Harsh and cruel emperor during the Sui Dynasty Yang He
The Forbidden City was built during what dynasty Ming
Great admiral during the Ming Dynasty Zheng He
What helped spread the Plague across Europe? The Silk Road
a process of interaction and integration among the people of different nations Globalization
political divisions started by Qin (36 of them) were called provinces
What was paper made from? Bamboo
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