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Communism and Fascis

study of Hitler, Mussolini and the rise of fascism

Hitler became the leader of the which party? Nazi Party
What is the name of the book Hitler wrote while he was in prison? Mein Kampf
Hitler was racist against what ethnic group? Jews
Hitler believed in a master race called____________? Aryans
What did Mussolini and Hitler have in common? They were both totalitarian fascists.
Who was the leader of fascist Italy? Benito Mussolini
What was Mussolini's nick name? Il Duce
The form of government in which the state controls all industry and owns all property? Communism
The form of government that allows for some private ownership of business as well as private ownership of property, but does have restrictions? Fascism
The form of government that has total control of every aspect of citizens lives? Totaliarianism
Hitler was elected as Chancelor of what country? Germany
What is the Nazi private Army of the Nazi Party called? SS
What is the German secret police called? Gestapo
What financial crisis happened between WW 1 and WW 2? Great depression
Who was the ruler of Russia who directed the Great Purge? Joseph Stalin
What financial crisis took place in October of 1929 The Wall Street crash
What is the spreading of ideas to promote a cause or damage an opposing cause? propaganda
What did Hitler think should happen to people who were weak or sick? They should be destroyed
What is it called when the government controls what it's citizens read in the newspapers , hear on the radio, and see on tv? censorship
What did Hitler believe should happen to Jewish people? They should be killed with poison gas
What was the major reason Hitler rose to power? The Treaty of Versailles
What was the main reason that fascist governments success in Germany and Italy? Economic hardship
What was the name of the government established in Germany right after WW 1? Weimar Republic
What was the name of the organization that recruited children and teenagers? Hitler Youth
Created by: Soonerdog66