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Enlightenment a new intellectual movement that stressed reason and thought and the power of individuals to solve problem
Thomas Hobbs explain his quote about government, know what government he favored: people had to hand over their rights to the government in order to have peace and protection, he favored absolute monarchy
Social contract agreement by which people created a government
The old idea versus the new idea of government OLD- monarch’s rule is justified by divine right, Government’s power comes from the people, NEW- government’s power comes from the consent of the governed
John Locke natural rights- life ,liberty, property
What is natural rights? All people were born with certain rights
Explain the five concepts of the Enlightenment philosophers Reason-truth could be discovered through reason or logical thinking, Nature-natural was good and reasonable,Happiness people were urged to find joy on earth,Progress-society and humankind could improve,Liberty-liberties the English won and Bill of Rights
Montesquieu Separation of Powers
Voltaire Freedom of thought and expression, and religious freedom
Beccaria Abolishment of torture
Wollstonecraft Women’s equality
What did Rousseau believe about women’s education? Rousseau believed that a girl’s education should mainly teach her how to be a wife and mother
What was Mary Astell’s publication about? This was about the lack of educational opportunities for women
What was Mary Wollstonecraft’s publication about? Women need an education to become virtuous and useful
Why did Astell and Wollstonecraft have such strong feelings about this subject? Education was closed to women; it could help women improve themselves and was key to exercising the same rights as men
What did Emilie du Chatelet do for science? Translated Newton’s work to French which helped science interest in France
What three ideas did the writers of the Enlightenment examine? The divine right of monarchs, the union of church and state, and unequal social classes
What three long-term effects help shape Western Civilization? 1. Belief in Progress, 2. A more secular outlook, 3. Importance of the individual
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