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Chapter 12 Pullin

Civilizations of the Americas

Incas Group of people who ruled in South America. Their wealth led to their downfall.
Geography of North America Hot in the south and cold in the north.
Cuzco Capital city of the Incan Empire
Machu Pichu Incan city built high in the Andes Mountains.
Quechua Language spoken in the Incan Empire
Stone Main building material used by the Incas. Very skilled with using it.
Fall of the Incan Empire - Ruling families began to fight for control - Workers started to rebel - The Spanish
Francisco Pizarro Spanish conquistador (conqueror) who helped end the Incan Empire.
Mayas Built cities in Middle America; located mainly in the Yucatan Peninsula
Slash and burn Type of agriculture. Very harmful to the soil.
Maize Corn; most important Mayan crop
Mayas abandon their cities - Crop failure - War - Disease
Tenochtitlan Capital city of the Aztec Empire
The Sun God Needed blood to rise (human sacrifice); most important god in Aztec religion
Aztec Class Structure - Emperor - Emperor's family, priests - Soldiers - Merchants - Farmers - Slaves
Women in the Aztec Empire Could not work in the military
_______________ wiped out the Aztecs. Disease
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