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Giattino - Belief Sy

Animism Animism is the belief that all living and nonliving things in nature have a spirit early civilizations.Was often combined with ancestor worship
Hinduism India, believe in one unifying spirit, Brahman. Brahman can manifest in many, polytheistic, forms or in one, monotheistic.
Reincarnation Spirits return to earth many times in different forms trying to become one with Brahma). The soul moves up or down a hierarchy depending on their behavior in life.
Karma Is the sum of all your deeds, good and bad.
Dharma Duties dependent on your position, gender and occupation.
Caste System Was an important part of Hinduism. Castes are social classes into which a person is born and lives their entire life. If a person has a good karma they may be reincarnated into a higher caste.
Buddhism founded by Siddhartha Gautama in northern India . Spread through cultural diffusion to eastern Asia, including China, Thailand, Korea and Japan.
Four Noble Truths 1. All life is suffering. 2. Suffering is caused by desire for things that are illusions 3. The way to eliminate suffering is to eliminate desire. .
Judaism - beliefs The Torah is a sacred scripture recording laws and events in Jewish history. The Old Testament of the Bible includes the Torah.1 0 Commandments Describe how people should behave toward God and one another
Christianity believe that Jesus was a Messiah, or savior, accepted the Ten Commandments .The sacred text of Christianity is the Bible.
Spread of Islam In the 150 years following the death of Muhammad, Islam spread through trade, missionaries and conquest into Asia and Africa.
Islam Prophet, Muhammad, follow scriptures called the Quran, Five Pillars
Hijra Traveled to Medina in a journey
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