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AP Geography-de blij ch 11

What is a primary economic activities? The resource extractive products from agriculture, fishing, hunting and gathering, or mining.
What is a secondary economic activity? Those activities that take a primary activity and change it into something else. I.E. manufacture it.
What is a tertiary economic activity? A service activity that connects commerce and trade. Producers can find consumers.
What is quaternary activity? Economic activities concerned with information flow.
What is a quinary activity? Research and higher education activities.
Plant domestication The planned selection and improvement of plants that will benefit human and animal consumption.
Root Crops Crops reproduced from roots or cuttings
Seed Crops Cultivation by plant seeds that required a more complex process of planning
First Agriculture Revolution Thought to begin in the region known as the Fertile Crescent around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in present day Iraq.
Animal Domestication Animals kept for protection or pets as people became sedentary. Animals were selected for traits that were beneficial for human use. Occurred after plant domestication.
Subsistence Agriculture Growing enough food for survival. Land use is characterized by the "commons."
Shifting Agriculture Tropical or subtropical agriculture where land is abandoned after becoming infertile.
Slash and Burn Agriculture Slashing down vegetation and then a controlled use of fire to burn and quickly return nutrients to the soil. A shifting agriculture process.
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