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Belief systems

Who is the person that studies artifacts? Archeologists
Who is the person that studies people in places? Geographer
Who is the person that studies people from the past? Anthropologists
Who is the person that studies goods and services? Economists
Who is the person that studies people in groups? Sociologists
What is the time period when people go from hunters and gatherers to farmers? Neolithic Revolution
Where did all ancient civilizations begin? River Valleys
Why did all ancient civilizations begin near river valleys? Fertile soil
What is a primary source? A first hand account, a journal, diary, autobiography
What is a secondary source? A second hand account, a textbook, encyclopedia
How does cultural diffusion happen? When different groups come into contact with each other
When you believe in one God? Monotheism
When you believe in more than one God? Polytheism
Three religions that believe in one God? Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Which religions reads the Torah? Judaism
Which religions reads the old and new testament? Christianity
Which religions reads the Quran? Islam
Which religions worships the Ganges river? Hinduism
Which religion worships spirits in nature? Shintoism & Animism
Which religions has the caste system? Hinduism
Which religion has the four noble truths? Buddhism
Which religion has the eightfold path? Buddhism
Which religion believes in the five pillars? Islam
Which religion believes in Karma and Dharma? Hinduism
Which religion started in China? Confucianism
Which religion has the Filial Piety? Confucianism
Which region was the birthplace of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Hinduism? Asia
The purpose of government has been to provide Laws and order
Which law and rules said an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth? Code of Hammurabi
In the Code of Hammurabi your punishment was based on your Social class
Which country has acted as a cultural bridge between China and Japan? Korea
Mandate of Heaven, production of silk, and reverence for ancestors come from China
Which academic discipline focuses study on the roles and functions of government? Political Science
The Egyptians used hieroglyphics in the same way as the Sumerians used cuneiform
Which geographic feature served as a barrier for most civilizations? Mountains
What happened to plants and animals during the Neolithic Rev? Domesticated
A document that comes directly from the person like a journal, diary, autobiography Primary source
What dictates your occupation and your status in India? Caste system
This shows chronological events of when they happened timeline
Seasonal winds that bring heavy rain is called a Monsoons
A land surrounded by water on 3 sides Peninsula
A chain of islands, like Hawaii & Japan is called a Archipelago
A second hand account, textbook, biography is called a Secondary source
When your job is determined based on your parents occupation? traditional society
Created by: ygarcia13