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7SS S2 Interim

What type of government does Japan have? Constitutional Monarchy
Who was in charge before WWII and no longer has power in Japan? Emperor
What impact did the US have on Japan after WWII? - US helped rebuild Japan - Emperor gave up power; no more military
Who selects (picks) Japan’s executive branch? Legislative branch (Diet)
Where do people in Japan live and why? Along the coast, because Japan is mostly mountainous
Why did Japan see economic growth after WWII? Investment in capital goods like building & updating factories
What is one difference between Shinto and other Asian religions? They believe spirits are everywhere
What do the governments of India and Japan have in common? Both democracies
What is one difference between Hindus and Buddhists? - Karma determining caste system - Hindus say YES (they support the caste system) - Buddhist say NO (they are against the caste system)
What are the three trade barriers? (define them) - Tariff: a tax on goods to be traded - Quota: a limit on goods to be traded - Embargo: a halt to (stoppage of) trade
When a country invests in technology, communication, and transportation, what happens to their GDP? GDP gets higher
In order in increase a GDP and have workers who can complete complex tasks, what does a nation need to do? Invest in educational training / invest in human capital
What is terracing? When farmers grow crops in hilly or mountainous areas – cutting into side of mountain
How has India’s large population affected their economy? High GDP but low standard of living
Define: containment policy - US promised to aid any country that is under threat of communism - Like South Korea and South Vietnam
Define: Domino Theory Belief if one nation falls to communism so will their neighbors
How did India gain independence? Nationalism – a nationalist movement headed by Gandhi & INC
Where in China is the population the lowest and why? Desert / western china / lack of rainfall
Why would a government need to build a purification plant? To clean polluted rivers
What has caused the pollution in the Yangtze River? Human & industrial waste
What country had an economic system closest to North Korea’s? China – but they are now allowing more market economy
Why was China isolated form the rest of the world for so long? Physical features were a barrier
How did Mao gain so much peasant support? Land reforms – taking from wealthy & giving to poor
Define Great Leap Forward Mao’s economic policy that created communes
When the Chinese wanted more freedoms (democracy), what did they do? Tiananmen Square Protest / Massacre
Created by: MissWigner