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duct- BFV to lead, draw
halluc BFN great toe
pollic- BFN thumb
rect BFV to straighten
pil- BFN hair
press- BFV to press
nar- BFN nostril
rugat- BFV to wrinkle
supercil- BFN eyebrow
labi- BFN lip
dilat- BFV to widen
pupil- BFN pupil
spin- BFN spine
tens-, tend BFV to stretch
indic- BFN forefinger
flex-, flect- BFV to bend
digit- BFN finger/toe
levat- BFV to lift
palpebr- BFN eyelid
masse- BFV to chew
pronat- BFV to bend forward
sphing- BFV to close
pylor- BFN pylorous
supinat- BFV to bend backward
tynpan- BFN eardrum
ceps- BFN head, point of origin
penn- BFN feather like fibers
cruc- BFN crossed fibers
delt- BFN delta shaped
gastr- BFN belly like divisions
knem- BFN leg
gracil- BFA slender
latissim- BFA widest
longissim- BFA longest
lumbric- BFN earth worm like fibers
fid-, find- BFA split
obliqu- BFA slanting
orbicul- BFA encircling
pir(i)- BFN pear shaped
pyramid- BFN pryamid shaped
quadr- BFA squared
rect- BFA straight, vertical
serrat- BFA notched
vers- BFA turned, horizontal
trapez- BFN table
vast- BFA vast, enormous
maxim- largest
minim- smallest
long- long
brev- short
magn- large
superior- upper
inferior- lower
intern- inward
extern- outward
profound deep within
superficial- on the surface
Created by: meaghan-mercer