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Age of Exporation

Unit 3, WH2

Magellan Portuguese explorer who first circumnavigated the globe (he died on the way back)
da Gama established trade route from Portugal to India going around Africa
Cortes conquered the Aztecs
Pizarro conquered the Incas
Prince Henry the Navigator established a school for navigational arts
Sir Francis Drake first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe
Jacques Cartier explorer who claimed part of Canada for France.
mestizo Native American + European
mulatto European + African
creole Spanish + Native South Americans
Triangular Trade trade between Europe, Africa, and America
Columbian Exchange goods and services traded between Old World and New World
precious metals copper, gold, silver = valuable, natural mineral resources
International trade trade between countries around the world
smallpox a contagious virus that Europeans brought to the New World, killing thousands of Native Americans
slavery keeping people as servants or property
plantation system granting land to settlers in the New World to grow cash crops using slave labor
circumnavigate to sail around the world
first Americans the indigenous people of the New World - the Native Americans
cash crop a crop raised for a profit, eg. cotton, tobacco, rice CA$H
Parent/Mother country the home government from which settlers leave to establish a colony
legacy something that came from an ancestor or from the mother country.
emigration when you leave your country to live elsewhere
dictatorial political leadership with absolute power to make laws and command the military
colonization establishing a new settlement by a group of people who maintain ties and loyalty to their home government.
migration people moving from one climate or region to another
indigenous people people who are native to a particular region. example: Inuits people - Alaska
navigational arts the study of and technology needed to steer a ship
natural resources raw materials available in any given location, such as wood, clay, water, coal, etc.,
innovation a new idea, method or device. *Gutenberg's printing press is an example.
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