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Allen School chapt 2

Allen School chapt 2 suffixes

-oid resemble
lip/o fat
-lysis destruction, separation, breakdown, loosening, dissolution
electr/o electricity
-algesia a condition of pain
-ant forming
-ase enzyme
-ate use, action, having form of, possessing
-blast immature cell, germ cell, embryonic cell
-cide to kill
-crit to separate
-cuspid point
-cyst bladder, sac
-dipsia thirst
-drome that which runs together
-er relating to, one who
-gen formation, produce
-genesis formation, produce
-ide having a particular quality
--ive nature of, quality of
-liter liter
-logy study of
-lymph clear fluid, serum, pale fluid
-or one who, a doer
-phil attraction
-stasis control, stop, stand still
-therapy treatment
-um tissue, structure
-uria urination, condition of urine
-ac pertaining to
-ad pertaining to
-al pertaining to
-ar pertaining to
-ary pertaining to
-ic pertaining to
-ile pertaining to
-ior pertaining to
-ose pertaining to
-ous pertaining to
-tic pertaining to
-us pertaining to
-y pertaining to, process, condition
-esis condition, treatment, specialist
-ia condition, treatment, specialist
-iatry condition, treatment, specialist
-ician condition, treatment, specialist
-ism condition, treatment, specialist
-ist condition, treatment, specialist
-osis condition, treatment, specialist
-icle small, minute
-ole small, minute
-ula small, minute
-ule small, minute
-ecstasis dilation, distention, stretching, expansion
-genic formation, produce
-gram a weight, mark, record
-penia lack of, deficiency, abnormal reduction
-plasm a thing formed, plasma
-plegia stroke, paralysis, palsy
-ptosis prolapse, drooping, falling down, sagging
-rrhea flow, discharge
-scopy to view, examine, visual examination
-spasm tension, spasm, contraction
-staxis dripping, trickling
-trophy nourishment, development
-algia pain, ache
-asthenia weakness
-betes to go
-cele hernia, tumor, swelling
-cusis hearing
-derma skin
-dynia pain, ache
-edema swelling
-emesis vomiting
-ion process
-itis inflammation
-kinesis motion
-lepsy seizure
-lexia diction, word, phrase
-malacia softening
-mania madness
-megaly enlargement, large
-mnesia memory
--noia mind
-oma tumor
-opia sight, vision
-oxia oxygen
-pathy disease, emotion
-pepsia to digest
-phagia to eat, to swallow
-phasia to speak, speech
-phobia fear
-plasia formation, produce
-pnea breathing
-ptysis spitting
-rrhage bursting forth
-rrhexis rupture
-centesis surgical puncture
--clasis a break
-desis a binding
-ectomy surgical excision, surgical removal, resection
-graph instrument for recording
-ize to make, treat, or combine with
-meter instrument to measure, measure
-metry measurement
-opsy to view
-plexy surgical fixation
-pheresis remove
-plasty surgical repair
-rrhaphy suture
-scope instrument for examining
-stomy new opening
-tome instrument to cut
-tomy incision
-tripsy crushing
ab- away from
ras to scrape off
abrasion process of scraping away from a surface, such as skin or teeth, by friction
esthet feeling, sensation
anesthetize to induce a loss of feeling or sensation with the administration of an anesthetic
arous alertness, to rise
arousal pertaining to the state of alertness or consciousness
symmetric symmetry
asymmetrical unequal in size or shape. Without proportion of the body or parts of the body; different placement or arrangement about an axis
systole contraction
asystole literally means without contraction of the heart; life threatening condition cardiac condition characterized by the absence of electrical and mechanical activity in the heart
comat a deep sleep
comatose literally means pertaining to a state of deep sleep (coma); total lack of consciousness
thel/i nipple
epithelium structure that covers the internal and external organs of the body and lining vessels, body cavities, glands, and organs. It is the layer of cells forming the outermost layer of skin and the surface layer of the mucous and serous membranes
ex(o)- out
exogenous pertaining to originating outside the body or an organ of the body or produced from external causes, such as a disease caused by a bacterial or viral agent foreign to the body
grand/i great
grandiose pertaining to a feeling of greatness
gynecoid literally means to resemble a female
hypertrophy literally means excessive nourishment; the increase in size of an organ, structure, or the body caused by an increase in the size of the cells rather than the number of the cells; also called overgrowth
infection process whereby a pathogenic(disease-producing) microorganism invades the body, reproduces, multiplies, and causes disease
ir- not
regul rule
irregular pertaining to not being regular
nas/o nose
libi lip
nasolabial pertaining to the nose and lip
palp touch
palpate to use the hands or fingers to examine by touch; to feel
ster solid
steroid literally means resembling a solid substance; applies to any one of a large group of substances chemically related to sterols; natural steroids hormones include the androgens, estrogens, and adrenal cortex sections
trauma physical injury or wound caused by external force, violence, or toxic substance; also refers to psychological injury resulting from severe emotional shock, which can cause disordered feelings and/or behavoir
turg swelling
turgor generally refers to the expected resiliency of the skin caused by outward pressure of the cells and interstitial fluid. An evaluation of turgor is an essential part of physical assessment.
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