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Ch. 17-Test

What is it called when a person has deep feeling towards their nation, patriotism, honor, and think their nation is better than everyone else? Nationalism
What is it called when a nation builds up their military to conquer other nations to get their resources for profit? Imperialism
Who was the imperialist from England that conquered South Africa and used slave labor for the creation of diamond mines? Cecil Rhodes
What conference did Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Belgium, and England attended to split the nation of Africa for themselves? The Berlin Conference
What was the name of the last dynasty in China? The Qing Dynasty
What black market item did England trade illegally with China's people without permission of the Chinese government? Opium
Why was China unable to stop England from trading opium with its people during the 1st Opium War? Weak weapon technology against England
Who joined England in the 2nd Opium War so that they can take part of China for themselves? France
When other first world nations saw that England and France could defeat China in an imperial war, what did they do? They also took over parts of China for themselves
Who was the Empress of China during the time of the imperialism of China by the first world nations of Europe? Ci Xi
Who was the last nation to have imperial ties to China and started a policy so the nations of Europe would not go to war with each other? U.S.A.
What was the policy that the U.S.A. started to have friendly relations in China? Open Door Policy
What nation fought against France and Austria for independence in Europe and established its own empire? Germany
Who was the Emperor of Japan that helped get Japan modern weapons and civil ideas of Europe to help his country? Emperor Meiji/Meiji
What were the name of Giupseppe Garibaldi's rebels of Italy that helped gained its independence from Austria? The Red Shirts
In what city in Germany did European powers met to decide on how they were going to split the African continent? Berlin
In India, what revolt occurred in 1857 that was put down by Great Britain against Indian rebels? Indian Mutiny
What canal was dug by France in Egypt, but was mostly bought off by Great Britain for control purposes for England? Suez Canal
Who was the person from Belgium, that made himself King of the Congo, and was a cruel ruler for 20 years? Leopold II
Which nation fought China in the first Opium War and defeated China for control over Hong Kong and several treaty ports? England
What two nations defeated China in the Second Opium War and conquered China's capital Beijing? France & England
What nation did Japan defeated for control of Manchuria which also frightened other world powers? Russia
What US President helped Japan and Russia signed a peace treaty which later earned him the Noble Peace Prize? Theodore Roosevelt
What German leader fought three wars and United Prussia into one large German nation? Otto von Bismarck
What Italian leader fought in Silicy, Naples, and in southern parts of Italy to final gained Italy independence? Giupseppe Garibaldi
What is known as a self governing nation that has ties with a former empire? Dominion
Who was the first Prime Minister for the dominion of Canada? Sir John MacDonald
Who became the first Prime Minister of Australia that helped this nation become a dominion of Great Britain? Sir Edmund Barton
Who was the British Naval Officer that signed a peace treaty with the Maori chiefs of New Zealand? William Hobson
What U.S. Naval Officer help opened trade relations with the Japanese in 1853? Matthew Perry
What nation was defeated by Japan that surprised first world nations that caused them stopping treaty ports with Japan? Russia
What was the name of the country that Japan and Russia fought for in the China? Manchuria
Created by: vacosta