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General Materials

pan- prefix all, complete
para- prefix beside, abnormal
pro- prefix forward
adenoid- BFN adenoid
bar- BFN weight, pressure
chromat-, chrom- BFN color
drom- BFN running, course
dynam- BFN power
electr- BFN electricity
heli- BFN sun
my- BFN muscle
phot- BFN light
radi- BFN ray, xray
radic-, radicul- BFN root
rhiz- BFN root
somat-, som- BFN body
tonsil- BFN tonsil
tox, tox(i)- BFN poison
brad(y)- BFA slow
dextr- BFA right
dist- BFA farthest
heter- BFA other, different
hom- BFA same
home- BFA similar
is- BFA equal
lei- BFA smooth
lept- BFA thin, delicate
medi- BFA middle
mes-, mesi- BFA middle
ne- BFA new
pach(y)- BFA thick
proxim- BFA nearest
sinistr- BFA left
tach(y)- BFA rapid, fast
trach(y)- BFA rough
pha-, phem- BFV to speak
phag- BFV to eat, to consume
-a suffix state
-e suffix instrument
-ary SFA pertaining to c
-oid SFA resembling, -like
-ous, -eous SFA containing, pertaining to
-tic SFA relating to
-estasis (ec/ta/sis), -ectasia (ec/ta/sia) TFN dilation, stretching
-ectopy (ec/top/y), -ectopia (ec/top/ia) TFN displacement
-ectomy (ec/tom/y) TFN excision
-esthesia (esthe/sia) TFN sensitivity
-geusia (geu/sia) TFN taste
-ician (ic/ian) TFN specialist
-lysis (ly/sis) TFN dissolution, destruction
-malacia (malac/ia) TFN softening
-meter (met/er) TFN instrument to measure
-metry (metr/y) TFN measurement
-odynia (odyn/ia) TFN pain, painful condition
-tome (tom/e) TFN instrument to cut
-tomy (tom/y) TFN incision
Created by: meaghan-mercer