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Ch. 13 History Notes

Benin an empire in the rain forest.
camels "ships of the desert."
jazz developed from African music.
plateau area of high flat land.
plantations huge farms that grew a crop for sale.
Swahili refers to the culture and language of East Africa.
clan group of people that descended from the same ancestor.
griot storyteller
matrilineal refers to a group that traces descent through mothers rather than fathers.
Islam spread from Arabia to Africa in the A.D. 600s.
death road a trade route connecting western Africa to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
National Honor of the Trousers reward given to heroic soldiers of Mali.
Queen Nzinga promised all enslaved Africans freedom in her kingdom.
Ghana grew wealthy from the salt and gold trade.
Songhai Empire largest empire in West Africa in the 1500s.
African Diaspora the spreading of African people and culture around the world by enslaved Africans.
Nile Africa's longest river.
Bantu fishing groups that migrated throughout Africa around 3000 B.C.
Axum a city-state in Ethiopia.
Mansa Musa journeyed to Mecca in 1324.
What is Africa’s longest river? Nile River.
Why did Hans Vischer come up with the name “death road” for the trade route? it crossed 1,500 miles of the Sahara.
Why did Ghana grow powerful. it taxed traders and had a big army.
What religion did King Ezana of Axum bring to Africa? Christianity.
Who did Sundiata of Mali put in charge of provinces? generals.
Did Mansa Musa of Mali allow different religions? yes.
Who was Sundiata Keita? a great warrior king who seized Ghana.
How were children educated in medieval West Africa? oral histories and proverbs.
What major crop did the Portuguese produce using slaves from Africa? sugarcane.
Songs sung by enslaved Africans connected them to their homeland.
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